Web Hosting from Hostgator: 24/7 Customer Support and 99.8% Uptime

October 5, 2010 by Taylor Lovett

I’ve been a professional web developer for around 8 years and this is an honest review of a hosting company that a believe deserves some recognition. Hostgator is hands down the best web host on the Internet today for a variety of reasons.

I’ve used a number of hosts: Godaddy, Network Solutions, Bluehost, Midphase, Globat, Hostgator and a few others. All these companies offer the world to customers at low prices. All most all of them do not deliver what they promise. I have horror stories from all these hosts expect Hostgator. Most of these hosts offer the same things Cpanel, PHP/MySQL, unlimited emails/subdomains, gigabytes of space, tons of bandwidth, etc. The two most important things you must consider when picking a web host besides having all the features your site needs is customer support and uptime.

All the bandwidth a space in the world doens’t mean anything if your website is down an hour each day. All these companies promise great uptime and customer support, the only one that actual delivers is Hostgator. I am telling you this from personal experience. The links to Hostgator in this post are affiliate links, but the content if this post contains no hype what-so-ever.

It is common knowledge web developers work late at night, we need to be able to contact our host late at night. Hostgator offers 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, and email. I have tested the phone and live chat options at 4 AM on a Saturday night. Someone picks up the phone or enters the chat immediatly. Also the wait time at peek hours is very short, the longest I’ve EVER waited to speak/chat with someone is 5 minutes. No hype.

The reason I had to leave all the hosts above was because my website was down or loading too slowly far too often. Hostgator is the champ at uptime. My website is very rarely down and always is running quickly. Again, all the hosts above promise this but only one delivers.

There is no reason not to host your website with Hostgator. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied, they have a 30 day full money-back gaurantee.