Custom Contact Forms 3.0.0 and 3.1.0

August 31, 2010 by Taylor Lovett

Custom Contact Forms 3.0.0 was released and shortly after so was 3.1.0. CCF has grown to be quite the plugin, packed with awesome features, many of which you will not find in any contact form plugin.

An interesting new feature is Custom Html Forms. This feature allows people who are skill with Html and Css to use CCF simply to process forms. Now you can write the Html for your forms using the code provided by this feature as a framework. This feature makes this plugin ideal for web developers.

CCF 3.1.0 also finally has a reusable widget. Create forms in the CCF admin page, then on the widgets page chose which form you want to display. As with all forms you can use the default style or create a custom style and attach it accordingly. The possibilities with this plugin are endless and, best of all, it is very easy to use and navigate.

A few other new features to mention:
Ability to not use Jquery – great if you want to keep your page load time down
Ability to use a custom thank you message and thank you message title individually for each form.
Ability to change the background color of text areas
Ability to include forms in your theme files via php code
Much more!

CCF 3.5.0 will boast the ability to add drop down and radio fields. A new manager will be added to the plugin, the Field Options Manager which allows you to create options for drop downs and radio fields.

Get excited!

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  1. Hi

    I would like to know how is it called the green tag placed on the right side containing follow text and facebook, rss, twitter and youtube logos. Is it a widget? How can I download it?

  2. Is there a way to move my forms to another site (dev to live) or do I have to rebuild them with each move?


  3. An export feature is currently being developed and will hopefully be included in 4.0.0 which will be released soon. Right now to export you could use phpmyadmin. The plugin creates a few tables of the form: yourprefix_customcontactforms_tablename. Export all the tables of that format and import them to your new sites wordpress database. It’s actually very easy to do if you’re familiar with phpmyadmin.

    In the future I respond to questions via email much faster. In your admin panel, there is a form you can fill out within the CCF plugin page.

  4. The follow tab on the right side of the screen is a plugin for WordPress called “Share and Follow”

  5. love the plugin, its perfect for our hockey club i inherited a theme i have to use for now, do you know why this is happening http://www.streatham-redskins.co.uk/?page_id=2241&preview=true

    i made sure the head () and footer () are in the theme.

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